In the Spotlight: Lexi Thompson

A couple weeks ago I went to the practice round at The RR Donnelley Founders Cup an LPGA tournament at the Wildfire Golf Club in Scottsdale.   It was a perfect opportunity to observe high caliber golf and practice routines of the tour players.

The highlight of my experience was being able to chat with Lexi Thompson’s dad.   She is a rising star on the LPGA tour who just won her first LPGA tournament at the age of 16.   In 2011 Lexi also won the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters.   The LPGA used to have a rule that you could not hold Professional status if you were younger than 18.  Lexi Thompson is the reason that rule was changed.  She has already made an impact on golf and that is only the beginning.

Lexi’s dad shared with me his secret of why he believes she has reached her level of talent.   He said “she has two brothers that are good golfers, she is always trying to keep up with them, she learned to hit it far and always tried to win.”   It is important in the process of getting better to play with people that are at a higher level.   You can learn a lot from them and it also pushes you to strive for a higher standard.

I hope that you enjoy watching this clip of Lexi’s swing and continue to follow her career as she continues to develop her game as an LPGA star.

Megan Padua is a PGA Certified Instructor, LPGA Member, TPI Level 2 Junior Golf Certified, a TPI Level 1 Golf Professional, Coutour Certified Putter Fitting Professional, and a Staff Teaching Professional with JRG/TSGA programs at the Raven Golf Club Phoenix.

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