Drills For Skills

A lot of people never know what to work on when they head off to the Driving Range. Here is a YouTube playlist of some of my favorite drills.

I try to get my students to work in sets of 5 balls. If you go to the gym, you do sets and if you hit balls and work on a feel or exercise, you should do sets as well.

I’ll challenge my students to do “5 set of 5 balls” on the bunker drill and grade the set. If they are mid to high handicap players, success would be 3 decent shots out of 5 balls. If they couldn’t manage three acceptable shots, then add another set to that particular drill.

A “Practice Plan” is very important. Aimlessly going to the range is futile and doesn’t have direction or measure growth.

Enjoy the drills and get in your “sets.”

Martin Chuck is the Inventor/Instructor of the Tour Striker Training Products and Tour Striker Golf AcademyClick Here to learn more about programs with Martin Chuck, Jeff Ritter and the entire JRG/TSGA Staff at the Raven Golf Club Phoenix!

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