Jeff Ritter Mental Toughness Seminar Part 1 – Nike Jr Golf Camps

Jeff Ritter discusses the attitudes behind living a high performance life both on and off the course with a group of junior golfers at his Nike Jr Golf Camps in Pebble Beach.

The NEW PING Anser Driver

Jeff Ritter demonstrates the features of the NEW PING Anser Driver! Click Here for information on how to set up a professional club fitting at the Raven Golf Club Phoenix!

Build An Effective Routine!

Jeff Ritter is a coach, author and speaker specializing in peak performance and life inspiration! In 2010 he was named by Golf Digest Magazine as one of the “Best Young Teachers in America!” Click Here for more information on private and group coaching with Jeff Ritter, Martin Chuck and the entire JRG/TSGA Staff.

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Smash 101

In this video is a great tip that Martin Chuck demonstrated during a Tour Striker Golf School at The Raven.  Many people make the mistake of setting up too close to the ball on the driver.   This is due to the optical illusion of the club sitting on the ground versus when it  is up in the air (which is where it will be during the strike).   If the ball were teed up at the height of a tee ball tee,  it would be necessary to set up much further away in order to hit the sweet spot at impact.   This tip will help you get more yardage off the tee and keep your driver in the fairway.

Megan Padua is a PGA Certified Instructor, LPGA Member, TPI Level 2 Junior Golf Certified, a TPI Level 1 Golf Professional, Coutour Certified Putter Fitting Professional,  and a Staff Teaching Professional with JRG/TSGA programs at the Raven Golf Club Phoenix

Jeff Ritter – Golf Digest Clinic

Jeff Ritter demonstrates some key tips for more power utilizing your hybrids, woods and irons in this segment from his video series the Golf Digest Clinic! Click here to purchase the entire hour long series!

Speed! It’s fun to hit it far. Do you know where speed in golf comes from?

What hits the ball? Everyone knows that the clubhead hits the ball, so how do we move the clubhead to achieve the most effective speed for our physical talents?

First, you have to understand that 80 percent of clubhead speed comes from the effective swinging of the arms/club/shoulders assembly. Here is a two minute YouTube video so you can see what I’m writing about:

As you can see in the video, I was able to hit a one-legged 6 iron 160 yards while my normal set up provide 177 yards.

To my point; hips and lower body participation IS important, but you have to get the “Swingers” swinging! Don’t be afraid of hands and arm action. They won’t hurt you once they are trained!

Good luck with your golf game. Come on out and see us at the Raven.

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