Jeff Ritter Mental Toughness Seminar Part 1 – Nike Jr Golf Camps

Jeff Ritter discusses the attitudes behind living a high performance life both on and off the course with a group of junior golfers at his Nike Jr Golf Camps in Pebble Beach.

1-2-3… Routine Is Key (Part 1)

When coaching, I tend to be quite strict about the setup, in particular the pre-shot routine.  Many of the flaws and faults of the golf swing are reactions to a poor setup.   Unconsciously your body knows how to make this motion and will try to get into the position to make it happen!  I will tackle this topic in detail in a later post, but today, I would like the kids to teach us a lesson on routine.

First I need to give credit, where credit is due.  A six-year-old student, named Lauren helped me create this phenomenon about 3 years ago and since then it has helped introduce many young golfers to the game.  I try to share this with every instructor I meet because I would love to see as many kids as possible fall in love with the game of golf.  Many of my peers have suggested that I try to package this or patent it somehow, but it is my goal to share this because it WORKS…  and I do hope that you will use this effective strategy to introduce kids to golf!

With junior golfers it could take an entire lesson to work on their grip, finally when you think they have it, they will come back the next session back to the old one. Many times they will look like they’ve never picked up a club before!   I have found success with boys and girls ranging from 3 to 12 years old.

Watch the Junior Golf Song

  1. The first example in this video, is a great girl named Sophia, after weeks of golf camp she didn’t know what end of the club to hold. Each session she would learn the entire swing and by the time she returned it was back to square one.   In the video you’ll see what she was able to do each and every time she hit the ball!
  2. On one occasion, I saw a father with two five-year-old girls at the range, bored out of their minds!   So I decided to make it fun by introducing the setup song.  He came up to me later that week and said, “the girls have been singing the song everywhere we go and now they are the ones dragging me to the range everyday!”
  3. I have had many experiences that have left me in awe with the success of this song.   There is one story in particular that I will never forget.   In the video there are three young girls singing the song together.  Stuart who was six years old at the time, happily went home thrilled about her new swing.  The next time we got together her three-year-old sister showed up…SINGING the SONG… and making a full golf swing!   I was astonished as I calculated this in my head.   Did this really happed?  Did a six-year-old girl just teach her three-year-old sister more efficiently than many great instructors that are trying to achieve the same result?  Yes!  That’s when I realized the power of this song!

I hope that you find this song to be as helpful as I have.  Just remember, you’re never too good to go back to the basics!  A solid setup will make you a much better player at any age.

Megan Padua is a PGA Certified Instructor, LPGA Member, TPI Level 2 Junior Certified and a Staff Teaching Professional with JRG/TSGA programs at the Raven Golf Club Phoenix

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